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Scalper rider

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How Is This Even Possible? 

I heard You, YES, you're not thinking out loud. I have simplified it so much that you won’t have any headaches to start making money.

Yea! It is possible because I would be giving out one of the TOP SECRETS I’ve been using to the world, to see how I make endless profitable pips in the forex market. 

What I'm giving out is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Only for few people who are ready to put an END to losing in Forex and start making profit trades EVEN WITH LOW CAPITAL. 

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  • You can turn your $150 to $1,000 
  • You can turn your $1,000 to $10,000
  • You can turn your $50,000 to $100,000 
  • This is for any forex trader who has been struggling to make consistent profit in trading. Not making profit today and losing tomorrow. You know what i Mean right?.

Stop Trading Hours For Money

What I am giving to you is an Expert Advisor or Software! 

What you don’t know is that banks and big financial institutions don’t sit around the computer staring at charts all day looking for best time to trade,

Yes, I’m aware of a lot of craps I mean softwares or expert advisors that marketers sell (I don' call them traders).

They put people’s money into dust after few days. I have felt like that before. I don’t know how to help you than to let you see proofs first.

I am Guru

Why Should You Listen to Me?  

That's a good question! Here's why I'm qualified to give you the keys to start making more profitable pips than ever before.

Over 11 years of trade experience and still counting, I've lost my entire capital over and over again and I'm sure you know the feeling. Now I have a GAME CHANGER in my tools arsenal. Scalper Rider is JUST ONE of them.

I’ve Got Lots of Proofs to Show you What this Killer EA Does

  • All trades opened by this EA is not based on any lagging indicators. It is based on the probability of the market's present situation.
  • Since we all know nothing is 100% right which this EA also knows, then it does something interesting you will see in the how it works videos.
  • The major objective of this EA is to protect your tradig capital no matter what the market situation may be and that has always been my main priority any time I'm using an EA.
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MUST SEE! How it Works Videos

  • If after your backtest and also after activating Scalper Rider on your account, 
  • and your account does not grow like what you see. Contact me here:
  • "Letting losses run is the most serious mistake made by most investors.” – William O’Neil

Scalper Rider EA is based on Cutting the loss and letting the winners run, using early entries.  

The Elements of Good Trading are: 

(1) cutting losses 

(2) cutting losses, and 

(3) cutting losses. 

"If you can follow these three rules, you may have a chance.” – Ed Seykota 

Why Do Most EA's Fail?

Most Traders Make So Little or Nothing

Some EA's fail because they are based on lagging indicators which market does not have respect for.

You know why? It's simple, the market does not follow lagging indicators but indicators follow the market. 

This scalper rider I'm giving to you does not make use of any lagging indicators.

NEVER FORGET! The reason you see a lot of indicators when you install and open your Meta Trader is because they are meant to confuse everyone to think that they are what you need to make money but the REALITY is based on what you see on your chart.

The MINIMUM Capital I Recommend $500 - $5000

 The TRUTH is; No one can be 100% accurate and that is the reason a loss is part of a winning strategy. Don’t forget in life there are ups and downs. This is the same in Forex business for there are ups and downs. 

When your ups in trading is more than your downs then you're a succesful trader. 

I’m Not Here to Give Out Crap and Leave You. Nope, I've Got My Integrity to Protect.  

But always remember that the best way to make money in any business is to have a GREAT TOOL, working strategy or game plan that makes you more money many times as possible than losses and those losses must be small, and that is what I am giving to you today.  

Why You Will Make Money With Scalper Rider

All trading is done automatically, no need of any skill and no human intervention. Your capital is heavily protected while your profit would be growing everyday. Money Management Feature have being built into this software to ensure safe trading. It’s great for all traders regardless of your knowledge or experience in trading. 

Overall, the strategy is based on scalping. It is NOT BASED on any of these: 

  • No Martingale, 
  • No Hedging 
  • No Grid
  • Includes TP & SL 

Here Is What You Will Get In The Package

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1. The (SCALPERRIDER EA) EA: I call it killer strategy because you won’t believe how your account would be growing.  

2. A Complete Quick Ebook on how to setup the EA

If you are sick and tired of making little or no money trading Forex while watching others (very few) make reasonable profit, don’t forget that there’s a solution.

You can join those very few traders who make reasnable income if you USE this proven Scalper Rider, and you’ll surely put an end to your Losses in Forex Trading.  


To withdraw from your broker, MAKE SURE you withdraw the profit little by little because your account will definitely be under the rader by some brokers when they see you profiting and withdrawing large money EVERY TIME. (More on this in the setup package). Yes, that's what the Scalper Rider EA will do to your account - Continuous Winning Trades (CWT)

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Quick NOTE

I have decided to give this system out for as low as $417! PLUS + a 7 day money back guarantee if you ACT NOW.

As I’ve got my integrity to protect, you’ll be amazed I’m not giving the common 30 day money back guarantee but a 7 day guarantee if you don’t make money using this Expert Advisor! I'm confident about Scalper Rider.

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